Logos Unleashes the Full Potential of Small Teams
The Logos Assessment helps small teams boost performance, predict and prevent conflict, and to leverage the genius within your people.
As a leader of a growing business, you probably have questions...
  • How can I increase engagement and performance from my team?
  • How should I be training and developing my people?
  • ​How can I reduce conflict and retain my best talent?
  • ​Who should I hire vs. what should I be training my internal team to handle?
Most team leaders are so focused on growing the business that they don't devote enough time on their people.

Logos Is Here to Help.
And it's hard to find truthful answers.
  • Your Friends are biased and don't want to come off as 'rude'
  • Your Work colleagues are 
  • Your Spouse or partner

Each team member has a unique set of skills and values that need to be understood.
To effectively lead, you need to deeply understand who is on your team. Logos will prepare you personalized reports for each team member - and empower you with the understanding of how to individually lead each of them.
Each team member needs a growth and development path to be engaged and retained...
Each team member needs a growth and development path to be engaged and retained...
Opportunities for growth is extremely important to talent retention. We help you design a customized growth path for each team member that empowers you to fully engage them, without needing to spend hours of your time 'figuring it out'.
Each team needs the right people in the right roles to thrive.
Logos will assess role fit - assuring you are putting the right people on the right tasks within the organization.

Identify and Transform Blind Spots Sabotaging Your Success and Happiness
And they fail to customize
You know you are more than just a algorithm - and the insights you receive need to reflect the exact path ahead that is right for you.
Logos will help you to understand the genius of each team member and deploy them in the way that creates the most possible value.
Logos makes it easy to have the powerful conversations your team needs to be having.
Our team Logos Assessment includes a 90 minute team deep dive that dissolves existing conflicts as team members understand one another and have the powerful conversations about what's not working in a productive way.
Logos helps your team predict performance and intentionally create culture.
How should you best be leading your team? What kind of incentives or punishments should be in place? Logos will take a look and who you have and what results you need - so you can design team culture intentionally.
Logos empowers you with the knowledge of what is actually missing on your current team.
Logos is the most robust personality model on earth - and it allows you to accurately see which aspects of talent are present - and missing within your organization. You can then use this information to inform your next hire - or to train new competencies within your existing team.
Logos helps you correctly leverage full genius of your organization.
Logos helps leaders to put all the pieces of their team together in ways that create the most possible value for you and your clients.
Logos takes the pressure of you to be a perfect HR and relationship manager - so you can focus on growing your business.
Are you Ready to Take Logos for a Test Drive?
If you lead a small team, let us walk your own personal Logos and see what this can do for your organization. And who knows - you might just discover a whole lot more yourself in the process.
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