Logos Provides Answers to Your Biggest Questions
Experience the world's most revealing psychometric assessment that reveals your genius, your blind spots, and the fastest path to reach your goals...
Where Would You Like Clarity?
Know My Clients At the Deepest Level
Find The Shortest Path to My Personal Goals
Explore the Compatibility of a Partnership
Improve My Ability to Understand & Lead My Team
And it's hard to find truthful answers.
  • Your Friends are biased and don't want to come off as 'rude'
  • Your Work colleagues are 
  • Your Spouse or partner
Logos Will Clarify Your Zone of Genius
Logos looks at a unique combination of 42 character traits and will describe with surprising accuracy your precise zone of genius, in both the roles you are meant to play in organizations, and the interpersonal genius that creates the most possible value in the world.

Logos Will Reveal the  Blindspots Causing Pain in Your Life
Logos will identify underdeveloped aspects of your character— which are causing conflict with others and preventing you from reaching your goals —and show you the personal growth you need to do most at this time in your life.
Logos Will Focus Your Actions for Maximum Effectiveness
You only have 24 hours in a day— the key is to use that time more effectively. Logos will identify where you should be spending your time, and what you should not be focusing on, so you can make your greatest impact.
Logos Will Help You Call the Right People into Your Life
It takes a team. That's why Logos will identify the key character traits you need from the people around you for you to be most successful in your zone of genius.
Logos is designed for leaders here to make their mark.
The world is now in a state of upheaval and change; Major transformation is needed at every level.

We first created logos to identify leaders with the potential to facilitate this transformation.

Put simply - if we were recruiting the Avengers - and we needed a tool that would reveal who the superheroes were - and how their powers operated.

That’s why we took 10 years of training and coaching experience, collectively serving over 100,000 students and clients, and studied every model of human potential...

To craft a single, powerful test that can reveal every aspect of human potential.

 We wanted someone to be able to take this test and to know exactly where they should ideally be positioned to make their greatest impact, exactly who they need to surround themselves with, and exactly where they were likely to engage in self-sabotage.

We personally took hundreds of 1 on 1 calls with leaders around the world, and we began to see how Logos was acting as a massive catalyst for personal growth. People who took the feedback and ‘shortest path’ data from Logos and acted upon it were experiencing quantum leaps in their personal and business growth. Logos didn’t just identify potential - it catalyzed it.

Now we understand that Logos is a tool that needs to be in the hands of every leader on a mission bigger than themselves. 

While Logos can do many things such as reveal relationship compatibility and help coaches unlock client potential, the thing we love most is helping leaders get crystal clear about their best path forward in these uncertain times.

We have gone through a great deal of pain and uncertainty ourselves.

We have faced the disappointments of trying the wrong project that wasn't an expression of our natural zone of genius and burning out. We have hired the wrong team members or worse - hired no one at all and tried to shoulder a load that wasn't a wise use of our time and energy. We have faced difficulty knowing where we're supposed to go, focusing on opportunities that made no difference.

We know the more clear each of us is, the easier the path will be— and the better chance we have of creating the beautiful future to leave to future generations.


The Logos Team
Are you Ready to Begin?
STEP 1 : Complete the Logos assessment
The first step on your journey is to complete our Logos 2 assessment, which will begin the process of deep self-inquiry and will begin to clarify what truly matters to you.
STEP 2 : Complete your 1:1 Logos Revelation call
Next, you will join a trained Logos Expert for a 1 hour immersion into the deeper truth of who you are. You will be asked the questions that open up new possibilities in your life and be led to insights that will radically improve your quality of life when implemented.
STEP 3 : Receive your Personal Codex Report
Pay $89 to receive a comprehensive report answering your deepest questions about your zone of genius, your weaknesses, your values, and the shortest path to your aspirations.
STEP 4 : Join our community of evolving leaders and receive personalized introductions and invitations.
When you complete Logos, you will join  a community of personal growth oriented leaders working to empower humanity - and you will have the option of receiving personalized introductions and invitations based on your unique ambitions.
Logos is not an ordinary personality test.

Ordinary personality tests put you in a box...
Most personality tests like MBTI, Enneagram put you in a box with a "type", grouping alongside millions of other people - and this misses the fine details that reveals the true uniqueness of you.
Ordinary Personality Tests don't account for growth...
They focus on who you have been, rather than who you are becoming...
When ordinary personality tests give you their results, the results are designed to stay static. But you are growing and evolving - what would happen is a personality test could show you how to evolve, and track that evolution?
Ordinary Personality Tests don't help you get truly "honest"...
It's been proven that self assessments are the most unreliable of all psychometric tools - because it's very easy for us to deceive ourselves with wishful thinking about who we are. That's why Logos was specifically designed to overcome self-deception through our Tru-Value System.

Identify and Transform Blind Spots Sabotaging Your Success and Happiness
And they fail to customize
You know you are more than just a algorithm - and the insights you receive need to reflect the exact path ahead that is right for you.
Here's what people are saying about Logos...
"Having the opportunity to be guided into seeing my highest self is a gift for me. In the interview I was asked questions about who I am that up until now I have resisted or did not know how to ask myself. 
I believe that I now have a view of what is possible in my life, understand my true mission better and have the questions and guidance I need to see that vision fully executed."

-Bryan T.

San Diego, CA

"I’ve just come off my Logos session with James and Jara, and I’m feeling profoundly grateful and inspired...they both bring so much heart and intuition to the work, and I found my Logos coaching session to be both inspiring and insightful. The experience has helped me to understand how I can step more fully into my power and truth, and let go of my fear around speaking out and standing out which was based in a fear of being seen as arrogant...Thank you James and Jara, I appreciate you both and the Logos process immensely."

-Saskia C.

Auckland, NZ

"Wow, this is so spot on. Clear, concise and helpful. I love it...down to the font choice!
In a realm where so many products involve a lot of time commitment, it’s powerful to have such a quick and potent download to clarify one’s path and make necessary adjustments
This has confirmed much of what has been present for me, giving me greater resolve and confidence in next steps."

-Jordan B.

San Rafael, CA

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